ReviewsReview of the Swann ADW-300 Digital Wireless Security Camera

Review of the Swann ADW-300 Digital Wireless Security Camera


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Here at Using Windows Home Server, we have reviewed security cameras in the past. This time we got sent one of the new Swann ADW-300 Digital Wireless Security Camera sets, that includes a high quality security camera and receiver.


Swann describe the ADW-300:

  • Clearer Picture, better sound, every time
  • Zero Interference from bluetooth, microwave, web routers, cordless phones etc & is truly wi-fi friendly
  • Combine with up to 3 cameras for 100% privacy with a secure encrypted signal
  • Wireless 2.4GHz transmission between camera & receiver up to 165ft (50m)*
  • 26ft (8m) infra-red night vision
  • Perfect for professional uses & DVRs with motion detection
  • Installing wireless security has never been easier, just plug & play*Depending on local conditionsSPECIFICATIONSspecsFor full specifications, take a look here. WHATS IN THE BOX?

    The box is well packaged, and contains the camera and mount, the receiver, the wireless antenna, various cables and a manual and software.

    IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1916 IMG_1917 IMG_1918 IMG_1919 IMG_1920


    Installing the software was very simple, just pop the disc in and follow the on screen instructions.

    install 1 install 2 install 3 install 4 install 5 install 6 install 7 install 8 install 9 install 10

    At this point in the process you have to connect the wireless receiver to the computer.

    29-11-2009 08-55-14 29-11-2009 08-56-23

    This is where I first hit a problem. I was using a Windows 7 machine I just couldn’t get the drivers to install or appear. No matter what I tried. I even went to the Swann website and the download section, but there is no download options for this camera at the moment.

    So I built a Windows Vista machine to try and it worked first time!


    The first time you run the software you will be prompted to register. If you choose not to then the software will only run for an hour, so get registering, it only takes a minute.

    need to register

    When that’s done you can see the interface itself.

    The interface is very easy to use, with only a few buttons including record.

    29-11-2009 08-57-17 29-11-2009 08-57-45

    You can make various settings changes very easily, such as the sensitivity level of the camera and where the recordings are stored.

    29-11-2009 08-58-29 29-11-2009 08-58-41 29-11-2009 08-58-50 29-11-2009 09-02-01 29-11-2009 09-04-03


    This camera was very easy to set up and use and the quality was very good. I had a number of other wireless kit running in the house and there was no interference what so ever, which is always a plus.

    The recordings were small and easy to view being avi files. Below is an example recording I took on the default settings. The quality is not as good as it could be because I was recording through a dirty window!

    My only criticism was the lack of Windows 7 support or information on the Swann website, but given Windows 7 has only been out 6 weeks it is not surprising!

    Cost wise, you can by the ADW-300 in the US for around $180 and in the UK for around £150. Thanks to Alastair for the update!

    So, if you are in the market for a good quality wireless security camera, you should seriously consider this one.

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    1. iv only giot this cam and there was no disc where can i download the software for this please

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