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Now We Know – WD AV-25 Hard Drives

Western Digital offers a line of 2.5” drives made specifically for HTPCs, PVRs, surveillance video and digital signs. These drives use a 3 Gb/s interface, 32 MB cache and range in size from 160GB to 500GB. If you are looking for a 2.5” drive for your HTPC then the WD AV-25 line is for you.

Now We Know – Star Trek Enterprise available in Windows Media Center

Tonight I noticed that CBS has posted the first four seasons of Star Trek Enterprise in the Internet TV section of Windows Media Center. When did this happen? Thank you Microsoft and CBS, even with the commercials! This is probably a US only thing so get it while you can my brother.

Now We Know–Vail Password Expiration

I was told I had to change my password in Vail today. Since when does my server tell me what to do?

Now We Know – Microsoft hohm beta

Microsoft has recently created a new website for the eco-geek in all of us. Head on over to the Microsoft hohm website and get started today on tracking your energy usage!

Now We Know – Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

There is another easy way to load your Windows 7 Installation DVD on a USB Drive. Check out this 3 minute video.

Now We Know – Internet Explorer has stopped working – Again!

My Internet Explorer crashed all the time. I mean crashed a lot. I could not explain it (or fix it)and since it had been doing it since right after the fresh OS install I was very frustrated. Performance was poor and the messages were driving me crazy. Does this happen to you? Do you happen to use Skype?

Now We Know – HD View by Microsoft

HD View is the new viewer from Microsoft that displays very large images. I mean REALLY large images. How about 2,045 12 megapixel images stitched together? You have to see this.

Now We Know – Multi-stream CableCARD®

Last week my ATI Digital Cable Tuner stop receiving almost all of my Expanded Basic channels from Charter. I was told by the cable tech that Charter recently changed how they broadcast channels and that this change was probably the cause. Crap.

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