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Installing Power Pack 3 on Windows Home Server on a Friday night


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Tonight I will upgrade to Power Pack Three. This article will serve as another notice to all of us that did NOT upgrade when PP3 Beta was first released that it is again available for download and installation.



When it comes to the OS betas of any system I am very conservative. I know that beta testing is an important part of the release process of software, and I am willing to help for apps and Add-Ins, but to me the OS beta is not something I was willing to risk. Even at my work were are still running XP, just released IE7 and only last month did I upgrade to Office 2007.

When I got the latest blog article from the WHS Team talking about PP3 (which I thought was no longer available) and it had the download link, I decided it was time to upgrade. My upgrade decision was actually selfish since I just want the TV archive function of PP3!

The direct link to the blog article is at:

Since I am not running any Win7 machines I am doing this upgrade to take advantage of the new Windows Media Center (WMC) connector upgrade and WMC WHS interface.

Andrew wrote a great article about the other benefits of PP3 at:

and another quick article with hints and tricks at:

Enough of the links, lets set this pig on fire!

Equipment Needed

PP3 File Download

Go to the web site listed above, or in the blog link, and start the download. This beta installation does not automatically upgrade so you will need to download an installer package.


WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

Agree to the terms and download the PP3 upgrade files.

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

The list shows the different files you can download, but you should download them all.

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

If your MFTM is enabled you will need to confirm the download request.

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

Other browsers might have different download actions like:

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

Save the the files directly to the software folder on your WHS.

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

Once the file download is complete you should open the Word document named “Windows_Home_Server_Power Pack 3_Beta_Release_Documentation” and follow the directions as shown below.

    • These instructions are from the Word document:
      1. Download the Power Pack 3 Beta from using a home computer on the same network as your home server.
      2. Copy the downloaded Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta folder to your home server at the following location \\<yourservername>\software.
      3. Access the Windows Home Server Administrator’s Desktop. (How to connect to the Windows Home Server Administrator’s Desktop)
      4. Navigate to the Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta folder at Start > My Computer > D: > Shares > Software > Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta.
      5. Double click install.cmd file to install Power Pack 3 Beta. Do not run any other executable files in the folder. After installation Windows Home Server will reboot.
      6. Install the updated Windows Home Server Connector software on your home computer. (Windows Home Server Connector installation)
      7. Turn on Windows Error Reporting.
  • Log in to Windows Home Server Administrator Console
  • Click Server Settings
  • Click General
  • Click the boxes to enable Windows Error Reporting


I will now walk through the installation instructions. I first Remote Desktop into the WHS.

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

What a boring desktop.

Reminds me of my BORING prom tux. Ah memories…of course I promise I will bring her back by 11:00pm.

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

I right mouse click on the Start Menu and Explore.

Just like looking for that secluded parking spot.

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

I find my way to D:  > Shares > Software > Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta

Finding my way to Lovers Point?

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

Once the folder is open I am ready to start the installation. I would make sure you do not have anything else going on such as mControl macros, file transfers, manual backups or WMC feeds.

Double click on the install.cmd file.

Found it. Let the magic start…

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

I hate seeing the command window.

It is so dark.

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

Windows Search is part of PP3.

“I’ve been searching so long to find an answer”…Chicago mix tape

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

This is not my style. Too many open windows.

I will be gentle. Can you move to your left? Did you just knock over the schnapps?

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

Duck, I see headlights. Well while you are…we are almost to phase three…

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

Enough of the preparation…lets do it!

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

License Agreement: Of course I agree.

It is getting late and at this point I will pretty much agree to what ever you want me to. Let me flip the cassette to the other side. Yes I love you and this is a special night to be remembered forever. The seat does not go back further and my foot is stuck under the brake pedal.

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

Finished already

I guess this really is a prerelease. If only all things in life had a “Finish” button…

WHS Power Pack Three Upgrade

A total of 7minutes and it is done. That is how long it is supposed to take I think. Let me roll down the window. Can you put your seatbelt on so we can head back?

WHS Connector Update

Once the PP3 reboot completed my WHS Connector updated itself on each machine. My Firewall screen popped up, asked for access and I was connected after a few minutes. Very nice.


The installation went very well. I look forward to the WMC changes and for those of your with Win7 there is upgraded functionality.

See you next Friday night,

Tim Daleo

Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo is a Project Resource Analyst and Oracle Applications Trainer in Pasadena, California. In addition to financial analysis, Tim has been developing training materials since 2003 and supporting direct projects through various auxiliary databases since 2005.


  1. i really enjoy your articles, they're funny and well documented.

    it would be good to see another one with the actual benefits of pp3 within mediacenter…

    keep up the writing

  2. I agee, your articles are very imformative and entertaining, Can't wait for the next one.

  3. You're a star. I've been messing about on and off for ages as MS are not very clear on what to do, but your instructions are clear and simple. Now installed at last and works great with W7. My only problem was that windows would not give me access to the .cmd file, a permissions problem. So, copied the whole folder to the desktop (not just the .cmd file as it can't then find the files it needs) and away you go. Great job, thanks.

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