ReviewsReview of the Samsung Spinpoint M7 2.5” Hard Drive

Review of the Samsung Spinpoint M7 2.5” Hard Drive


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For any of you out there that have laptops, netbooks, or even PlayStation 3s, and have decided that your current hard drive just isn’t big enough for your needs, then you should look no further than the Samsung Spinpoint M7 hard drive – in this case, model number HM500JI.

This little beauty is 2.5” in size and packs a whopping 500GB of storage space.

Samsung Spinpoint M7


Capacity : 500GB

Interface : SATA 3.0Gbps

Buffer DRAM Size  : 8 MB

Byte per Sector : 512

Rotational Speed : 5,400 RPM

Average Seek time(typical) : 12 ms

Average Latency : 5.6 ms

Data Transfer Rate / Media to/from Buffer(Max.)  : 138 MB/s

Data Transfer Rate / Buffer to/from Host(Max.)  : 300MB/s

Drive Ready Time(typical) : 4 sec


Idle : 2.4 Bel

Performance Seek  : 2.6 Bel

Environmental Specifications

Temperature / Operating  : 5 ~ 55 ?

Temperature / Non-operating  : -40 ~ 70 ?

Humidity(non-condensing) / Operating  : 8 ~ 90 %

Humidity(non-condensing) / Non-operating  : 5 ~ 95 %

Liner Shock(1/2 sine pulse) / Operating : 400 G

Liner Shock(1/2 sine pulse) / Non-operating : 900 G

Vibration / Operating : 1.5 Grms

Power Requirements

Voltage : +5V±5%

Spin-up Current(Max.) : 1000 mA

Seek(typical) : 2.5 W

Read/Write(typical) : 2.5 W

Low Power Idle(typical) : 0.85 W

Standby(typical) : 0.25 W

Sleep(typical) : 0.2 W

Physical Dimension

Height (Max.)  :9.5 mm

Width : 69.85 mm

Length : 100 mm

Weight(avg.)  :105 g


This little drive is great – it was extremely simple for me to remove a drive from one of my computers (ok, I will admit it, I put the drive in my MacBook Pro because 80GB just isn’t enough to run Snow Leopard and also Windows 7) and place this there.

The drive is really quiet and so far, appears to be fast, even though its only a 5400 drive.

I’m not really sure what else to add – it works great, and I’m going to get some more of these to upgrade some of my other devices!

Have a search around for the best deal, currently are selling them for around £68 and are selling them for around $82.

If anyone else has used these drives, or any other 2.5” drives, let us know your thoughts.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. I used to have two Samsung Spin Points in my Media Server until they started acting up and not getting found. It was then I discovered that HP does not recommend them for use in the MSS.

  2. Jeff

    The easiest thing would be to do a search on Google for the latest prices.


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