Samsung announces the all new 840 EVO SSD series

Samsung had unveiled new high-performance, high-density SSDs that offer up to 1TB memory storage – they are called the 840 EVO SSD series.

G-Technology G‐RAID Thunderbolt drive now available in UK

As of this week, stock of the recently launched G-Technology G‐RAID Thunderbolt drive is available in UK stores. The G-RAID Thunderbolt is available in capacities of 8, 6 and 4TB.

NVIDIA to release Windows 8 certified R302 drivers next week

NVIDIA have announced that they will be releasing Windows 8 WHQL-certified graphics drivers next week.

LaCie and Porsche Design Introduce New Generation of Hard Drives

Today LaCie an Porsche Design announced two new hard drives joining their exclusive P9000 luxury range – the P9220 and the P9230.

Paragon’s GPT Loader available for Windows Home Server v1 – Early Adopter Program

Paragon Software Group has just publically opened up their Early Adopter Program that will allow Windows Home Servers v1 to recognize new high-capacity storage drives. This unique software solution uses special drivers and an initialization utility that adds support for GPT hard drives. Read on to find out more about Paragon and my upcoming Friday night plans.

CES 2011 Corsair P3 SSDs in RAID hit 884 Read and 429 Write

While at the Corsair booth at CES 2001 I had the chance to test a set of Corsair SSDs in a RAID set up. This was one of many systems and was a Sandy Bridge P67 system with a Sabertooth mobo and two SSDs in RAID. Check out this short post and see some speeds that you will not believe.

Western Digital Caviar 2TB Green Drives Going Cheap

If you are stuck for something to buy the “geek” in your family, why not look at giving the gift of storage this year? Amazon have the Western Digital Caviar 2TB Green Drives for under £75!

Still Running Windows XP and Want To Use 3TB Hard Drives?

If you are still running Windows XP (yes there are still people running it) and you want to take advantage of the new 3TB hard drives up until now you would have been out of luck. Fortunately Paragon have stepped up with software software to enable this, and even better, its free!

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