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HP to release MediaSmart Server 2.5 Update for EX470 and EX475 Owners and the EX485, EX487 and LX195 in Europe


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Terry over at We Got Served has published a press release from HP announcing that HP have now changed their minds and will release the MediaSmart Server 2.5 Update for all those owners of the EX470 and EX475 despite saying they wouldn’t. This is great news. It won’t be available as a download, you will need to order the DVDs through HP Support later this year. I assume that is to stop people who DONT want it from accidently getting it.

Also HP have announced that the EX485, EX487 and the newly launched LX195 will be launched in Europe, also later this year. Again, great news for all of us who live outside of the US – thanks HP 🙂

More specific dates will be published when we know them.

The complete press release is below:

HP Announces Software Upgrades and European Availability for MediaSmart Servers

We have two updates to share with our MediaSmart Server communities.

We have listened to the customer feedback on,, and other popular Windows Home Server blogs related to our recent software update availability.  Based on this feedback, we are working to provide a supported path to allow customers to update all generations of their EX Series and LX Series MediaSmart Server products to the current software version.

Due to the generational differences of our platform architectures, we will not be providing the updated software as traditional downloads.  Instead, we will provide complete server image DVD’s through HP support in the same manner as replacement DVD’s are provided today.  We expect that there will be certain hardware limitations and/or trade-offs for the various platforms that will be detailed once the new server DVD’s are available.

Timing is tentatively scheduled in Fall 2009.  We understand customers would like these updates sooner, but this timing is necessary to adequately develop and test these new software images.  As we get further along in our development, we will provide an updated timetable.

We have also read the inquiries regarding European availability of the MediaSmart Server products.  We are pleased to announce that our European customers can expect to see our LX and EX series products for sale in Europe.  Targeted availability is Fall 2009.

We thank everyone for their continued support of the MediaSmart Server products and appreciate the continued feedback.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. Not a HP user (self installed on an old PC) but what are the features of the HP line beyond the standard install?

    I appreciate HP being willing (able?) to provide this update to their users as the improvements I've seen listed seem like they could be a nice upgrade to those early adopters of their product line.

  2. When they say "complete server image DVD" what do they mean? Will I have to re-image my EX470 and start all over? That would REALLY suck!

    • At the moment that is all the info we have – my guess is yes, you would have to re-image and reinstall any add-ins, but your data would remain. More information when we get it.

    • David, later in the year, probably around September time I would guess that HP will provide more information to everyone. Currently they are just saying "in the Fall". As for cost, I would imagine they might charge for shipping. We just dont have any further details at this stage.

    • No David – If I had to guess I would say November. As soon as we have more information I will post it.

  3. Hi Everybody any news on this we are december now and nothing appearing in my updates for HP software on EX470…

    • Viper

      As described in the article, this will be an update you will need to order and pay for and it will be delivered – it wont be something that appears as a downloadable update.

      I spoke with HP last night for an update and there should be something to report in the next week or so…..


        • I believe thats part of it, plus some other elements.

          The 3.0 update should now be released around February time.


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