Review: Yooka-Laylee

Retro inspired platforming fun.

Review: Yooka-Laylee (Nintendo Switch)

Yooka-Laylee became one of the most successful projects to be funded on Kickstarter, which wasn't surprising given the talented individuals that made up its...

Bespoke Arcades announces a one of a kind arcade for Yooka-Laylee

Bespoke Arcades, today announced a customisable arcade entertainment via a special partnership with label Team17 and Playtonic Games, creating a one-of-a-kind arcade machine to...

Review: Yooka-Laylee

There was a time when the platform genre was in high demand with the likes of Super Mario 64 and the excellent Banjo-Kazooie titles...

Yooka-Laylee finally gets a release date for April 2017

Team17 and Playtonic Games, have today revealed a slew of updates for their open-world platformer Yooka-Laylee. Announced today Yooka-Laylee will launch on 11th April 2017...

Welcome to A New 3D Platformer Called Yooka-Laylee

Playtonic Games, the recently formed UK studio comprised of ex-Rare staff, have unveiled the 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee, they previously teased. A Kickstarter campaign has also been...

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