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Tankfest 2016 had over 20,000 at last weekend event

Tankfest 2016 is one of the best places to experience tanks rampaging around an arena anywhere in the world, thankfully it happens right here,...

World of Tanks out today for PS4

Wargaming is proud to announce that World of Tanks goes live today on PlayStation 4, bringing intense, free-to-play, 15v15 tank warfare to a new...

Win World of Tanks Commander’s Guide Book

Wargaming and Carlton Books have released World of Tanks Commander’s Guide and you can win a copy.

World of Tanks Commander’s Guide available now

Wargaming and Carlton Books are pleased to announce World of Tanks Commander’s Guide.

World of Tanks Christmas Calendar

December is right around the corner and with it comes holidays, great times with your family and friends and, of course, some great things...

World of Tanks is coming to PS4

World of Tanks is coming to PS4, With over 150 million registered players across PC, console and mobile around the globe, the next target...

Review: World of Tanks: Xbox One Edition

World of Tanks is now available on the Xbox One, and its time to roll out our review.

World of Tanks coming to Xbox One on the 28th July

Get ready for the World of Tanks which is coming to Xbox One on 28th July. The Xbox One version will come complete with a...

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