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WHS Phone 1.3 WP7 Beta Released

Yesterday, we brought you an update for WHS Phone for Android, a great application that lets you control your v1 WHS from an Android handset. Today we bring news that the Windows Phone 7 application has had a version 1.3 beta released.

WHSPhone for Android Beta 1.3 Available

Reid Holland has been in contact to let us know that he has a new beta up for WHSPhone for Android. This release entailed re-writing the server-side add-in. Video streaming is included. Yay!

WHS Phone for Android Now Available from Android Market

Earlier Jim brought you an interview with Reid Holland the author of WHS Phone for Android. Now WHS for Android is available to buy from Android Market.

WHS Phone Android Client: Developer Interview

Previously, we brought you the add-in developer for WHS Phone, Paul Juenger. We also caught up with the developer for the just-release Android client side application, Reid Holland. Read on to see what Reid has to say about the Android application.

WHS Phone: Add-In Developer Interview

We recently caught up with Paul Juenger, lead developer for the add-in WHS Phone. Paul’s add-in allows you to connect with your windows home server using your phone. Read on for details!

WHS Phone for Android Beta Updated to 1.24

The developer for WHS Phone has updated the beta release to version 1.24 and has fixed some bugs. Development on a pretty useful add-in for WHS version 1 continues. Read on for more details!

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