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WHSPhone for Android Beta 1.3 Available


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Reid Holland has been in contact to let us know that he has a new beta up for WHSPhone for Android.  This release entailed re-writing the server-side add-in.  Video streaming is included.  Yay!


We’ve told you about WHSPhone in the past:

Developer Interview

Android Client Developer Interview

Beta 1.24 Announcement

Version 1.3 Beta was released today to the beta testers.  Update highlights:

  • Completely new UI. I think you’ll like it!
  • Streamlined Photo browsing a little.
  • Cleaned up the Audio Playback a little.
  • Added Server Restart and Shutdown
  • Added full search of shares (uses windows search) and it’s pretty damn slick.
  • Added photo upload from the Gallery and/or SD card.
  • Ability to download ANY file to your phone.
  • Added the ability to add Users and Shares from the phone.
  • Video Streaming. YAY!

So if you’d like to participate in the beta program, head on over to WHSPhone Forums, sign up and post up in the forum.  This is a great application.  Check it out!

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