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WHS Phone 1.3 WP7 Beta Released


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Yesterday, we brought you an update for WHS Phone for Android, a great application that lets you control your v1 WHS from an Android handset.  Today we bring news that the Windows Phone 7 application has had a version 1.3 beta released.

1.3 wp7 file search

Paul Juenger, the developer behind the WHS Phone add-in and Windows Phone 7 client, has announced a beta release of WHS Phone WP7.  The new version, 1.3, fixes bugs, adds a server restart and shutdown function and video streaming, and a few other nice tweaks.

We’ve told you about this application before:

Developer Interview

Here is how Paul describes his application:

WHS Phone is a phone application for Windows Home Server. Connect to your server and browse files, stream music, view photos, and much more.

WHS Phone for windows phone 7 let’s you stream music from your Windows Home Server directly to your phone using your wireless internet!

Capture photos with your phone and send them to your Home Server. You can also view your photos from your Home Server on your phone.

With WHS Phone you can view your server’s resources, manage users, view the status of your computers, and more.

Here is Paul’s change log for this version:

User Story Add a server restart function

User Story Add Video Streaming

User Story Add a Search Share Feature

User Story Add Server Shut Down Function

User Story Add a Home button to the File and Photo Browsers

Bug Cannot Download documents with a user that has a space in the user name

Bug Last Name field shows as Audio Player

Bug Last name should not be a required field on the create user page

Bug Administrator account cannot view shares under the “Files” tab

Bug Volume is set to 0 when tombstoning on the Audio Page

Paul is also looking for people with developer-unlocked Windows Phone 7 handsets to participate in the beta.  If you are interested, cruise on over to the forum here and sign up.

This is a great application.  If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot!

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