HP Sells webOS Business to LG for Use in Smart TV’s

HP announced today that they have sold most of the webOS business to LG, who wants to use the operating system in their smart TV’s. Read on for details.

Carbon and Graphite Discontinued for webOS

dots & lines announced the discontinuation of Carbon and Graphite, Twitter apps for webOS. Read on for details.

HP Outlines webOS Open Source Roadmap

HP today announced the roadmap to full open source status for webOS and the related Enyo platform. Read on for details.

HP Releases TouchPad webOS Update

HP released a nice update to webOSs for TouchPad users. Read on for details!

HP to Contribute webOS to Open Source

HP finally announced the future of webOS today, and it’s going Open Source.

HP TouchPad Review

Today, I bring you my impressions of the HP TouchPad tablet running webOS. Read on for details.

Picsel Releases SmartOffice for the HP TouchPad

UK-based Picsel has released their document creation and editing suite SmartOffice for the webOS-based HP Touchpad. Read on for details!

Why the HP TouchPad is Deader Than a Doornail

I’ve read some impassioned pleas from webOS and TouchPad fans asking HP to bring back the webOS device business.  Here’s my thoughts on why...

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