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Picsel Releases SmartOffice for the HP TouchPad


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UK-based Picsel has released their document creation and editing suite SmartOffice for the webOS-based HP Touchpad.  Read on for details!

UK-based Picsel recently announced that they have released SmartOffice for webOS-based HP TouchPads.  This brings another choice to the platform, which shipped from HP with Quickoffice installed.

About the Company and the Product

Here is how Picsel describes themselves:

About Picsel

Turning exciting ideas into compelling reality.

Picsel is a dynamic mobile solutions provider, whose pioneering software enables true office mobility. Key stakeholders such as handset OEMs and Operators – use Picsel’s solutions to deliver a vibrant and visually stunning mobile experience that rivals, and often supersedes, the desktop PC experience. Established in 1998, the company employs over 60 staff at its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland and Korea. The company’s technology has shipped more than 500 million units worldwide, with a customer list that includes LG, NTT DoCoMo, Samsung and Sharp.

Picsel’s aim is to empower Operators and OEMs by allowing the creation of visually stunning and interactive applications that drives the uptake of handsets and services, and build relationships with end user communities. As the mobile market continues to incorporate more advanced media for mobile workers, such as video, enterprise services and user-generated content, Picsel’s proven technology and highly skilled team will become increasingly pivotal in the development of the broader mobile industry.

Here is how Picsel describes SmartOffice and why they released it for webOS:

Picsel UK, a dynamic mobile solutions provider, is pleased to announce the release of Picsel SmartOffice™ for HP WebOS.

In August Picsel UK received an overwhelming response from the WebOS community to a viral video showing a test port of SmartOffice™ on an HP Touchpad. Picsel UK committed to releasing a version of SmartOffice™ on the HP App Catalog. The company has worked closely with HP in delivering a flagship premium application. The Picsel SmartOffice™ for WebOS release gives HP WebOS users a choice and ability to download the first independent mobile office productivity suite available on the App Catalog.

From the 24th October users can purchase Picsel SmartOffice™ for the HP Touchpad from the App Catalog. SmartOffice™ provides superior document viewing and editing capabilities for Microsoft® Word and Excel, and is currently the only application for WebOS that enables you to create and edit Microsoft® PowerPoint documents.

SmartOffice™ makes creating, editing and sharing Microsoft® Office and other documents on the move even easier through contextual menus, a drag and drop interface and sharing to email, Dropbox and Google Docs™. SmartOffice™ for WebOS is a true mobile office experience. Here are just some of the great features:

  • Create and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents
  • View Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Txt and many image file types
  • Send files as email attachments
  • Cloud integration with Dropbox and Google Docs™
  • Delete, copy and rename files in the SmartOffice™ file explorer
  • Slide show mode in PowerPoint
  • Full screen view – use the whole screen to view your document. Tap at the top of the screen to show the menu.
  • Pages view – navigate document easily and quickly with 3D pages view
  • N-Up: zoom out to show multiple pages, dynamically arranged on screen
  • 3D Stereo View – convert any document or image to 3D instantly to view using anaglyph glasses

Picsel UK will continue to develop SmartOffice™ for WebOS. Future releases will include feature enhancements such as Autoshapes for PowerPoint and UI enhancements.

This software allows you to view Microsoft Office documents and perform some light editing on the TouchPad, and can even support creation of simple documents.  The real differentiation here from Quickoffice is the ability to edit PowerPoint documents with better fidelity.


Here is what Picsel had to say about product features:

  • Alternative user interface for tablet devices
  • Support for native device buttons (e.g. Android Back button)
Visual Explorer
  • Recent documents option – this lists the documents users have accessed before, regardless of where they have been saved
  • Thumbnail view for recent documents and templates
  • Save As – allows users to rename their documents and resave them into new locations
  • Cloud file hosting capabilities – Dropbox has been integrated into Picsel Smart Office to allow users to save files automatically onto the online cloud service, and then these files can be shared by multiple computers. Simply add in a Dropbox username and password, and then when documents are saved into the Dropbox folder on Picsel Smart Office, they will be uploaded to the main Dropbox folder online and visible practically immediately (time taken depends on speed of internet connection to upload the file)
  • Inline editing of text in Word and PowerPoint
  • Multi-level Undo and Redo
  • Excel Function picker – when you are editing a cell’s formula, Picsel Smart Office will allow you to insert a function from more than 100 options. Other formulae can be entered in manually and the function will be processed the next time the spreadsheet is loaded into Microsoft Office Excel
  • Excel Number formatting – this specifies how the value of the cell should be rendered such as a date or very large number
  • Manage PowerPoint slides – Click on the Slide Sorter within PowerPoint, and users can now reorder or delete slides. To delete, simply hold down on the slide you want to delete, and select delete from the callout box. To reorder, simply hold down on the slide you want to move, and drag to its new position
Supported Document formats
  • Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2003, XP, 2007: .doc .docx
  • Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2003, XP, 2007: .xls .xlsx
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 97, 2000, 2003, XP, 2007: .ppt .pptx
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF 1.0 to 1.7: .pdf *
  • Images: .jpg (.jpeg) .png .bmp .wmf .emf .gif
  • Plain text: .txt
  • selected features of pdf v1.0 to 1.7 supported
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