Dell Release XPS 13 Ultrabook updated touchpad driver and BIOS

Dell has just released an updated touchpad driver and a quieter BIOS update for its XPS 13 ultrabook.

HP Releases TouchPad webOS Update

HP released a nice update to webOSs for TouchPad users. Read on for details!

HP TouchPad Review

Today, I bring you my impressions of the HP TouchPad tablet running webOS. Read on for details.

HP Releases TouchPad Software Update

HP released webOS 3.0.4 for TouchPads today. Read on for details!

Why the HP TouchPad is Deader Than a Doornail

I’ve read some impassioned pleas from webOS and TouchPad fans asking HP to bring back the webOS device business.  Here’s my thoughts on why...

HP TouchPad Availability Update

Today, HP emailed me with an update about the HP TouchPad tablet. Read on for details!

Update on TouchPad Availability

HP published an update on TouchPad availability today. Read on for details!

New HP TouchPad OTA Update Coming Soon

According to CNET, there is a new OTA coming to the HP TouchPad soon.

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