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First Picture of SiliconDusts New 3-Tuner CableCard Product

SiliconDust have released a picture of their new 3-Tuner Network Attached - M-Card Ready - CableCard Product.

HDHomeRun Software and Firmware Updates

Today Silicon Dust released software and firmware updates for its HDHomeRun devices.

CES 2010 – Video of the HDHomeRun CableCARD tuner

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Jason Ludka of SiliconDust while at CES 2010. SiliconDust is the company that brought you the HDHomeRun tuner series. As if those products were not enough, SiliconDust is now about to introduce their CableCARD dual tuner. Check out this 5 minute interview to find out more about this amazing product!

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Take a trip back to the late nineties wile you fire broken glass at werewolves to avenge your sainted mother! It's Slayers X!

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