Beginners Guide to D&D Sourcebooks

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) isn’t the easiest of hobbies to get into. The rules alone are often enough to overwhelm the hardiest of tabletop...

Review: XEL

Imagine being stuck on a planet where you have no idea where or how you got there because whatever happened in the past has...

Review: Superola Champion Edition

Do you consider yourself a fan of burgers? Maybe you love beef, chicken, turkey, or even a vegetarian burger patty topped with everything or...

Review: NIS Classics Volume 2

Here is one game including two classic JRPG titles! NIS Classics Volume 2 for the Nintendo Switch is going to bring back two familiar...

Review: Rune Factory 4 Special

Do you like action, adventure, RPG, and maybe even simulated games? If so, you've possibly tried a few of these genres combined, but have...

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Review: myFirst CareBuds

A wonderful audio device that'll impress your kids.

Review: Loddlenaut