GamingReview: Rune Factory 4 Special

Review: Rune Factory 4 Special


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Do you like action, adventure, RPG, and maybe even simulated games? If so, you’ve possibly tried a few of these genres combined, but have you ever tried all four in one? Well if you’ve played any of the games in the series known as Rune Factory then you know what it means to be entertained with an endless amount of freedom to explore, defeat enemies, and the possibilities to build a life.

So, with a new game known as Rune Factory 4 on the Nintendo Switch, recently released on other consoles and systems, what can you expect? Well, it will still bring a great story with an adventure that follows, plenty of monsters to discover, and plenty of action-packed battles. Now for the SPECIAL features that are now included in this game. This will include a chance to play the game in a more difficult mode and even a mode that allows you to get married!

How was the Game?

Rune Factory has always brought such a bit more freedom to the way one can play the game. So to be honest, this game is no different when it comes to exploration, but it does improve a little on the graphics, speed, storyline, and the additional features you can tackle while playing. This brings me to the first thing that really is always a favorite of mine while playing the game. You never have to play the game in one straight course; going from start to finish.

That also goes for the game modes, since there is the additional Newlywed Mode. The goal of this game is not limited to playing the game till you defeat the final boss or rescue and find the object you need to complete the game. Instead, Rune Factory 4 as many before is full of exploration and other fun lifestyle hobbies you can engage in and master while playing. You practically can have your very own fantasy farming lifestyle in this game.

The game has similar gameplay to Harvest Moon and even the activities you can engage in may remind you of Animal Crossing, but a bit more action-packed! With all the monsters you may raise and battle at festivals, the option to direct a conversation with the choice of words you’d like to respond with, the crafting of weapons and accessories, the real-time battles you find while embarking on this adventure, and the activities like farming, fishing, and even cooking that you can do during the game.

Once the game begins, it’s quite familiar to Animal Crossing, and many others of the Rune Factory series. The choice of being a female hero or a male is up to the player, and from there the story begins. Everything in the first portion of the game is easily explained and eventually, when new things you are able to tackle arise, it is also explained. As for the Newlywed Mode, I haven’t played this portion of the game to explain what goes on, but I’m sure it has a similar outcome.

The entire game, from start to end of the story is quite remarkable and enjoyable! It’s got its hilarious, passionate, and heroic portions to the story which makes it fun to read through and not speed past what everyone is saying. I sometimes like to just ignore the speech portion, but in a way, this game has a bit of humor and unique friends to meet and enemies, which makes the storyline quite intriguing to read as I played. Now for another portion that I do like because I love farming and sim-style games would be the gardening and the other side activities like fishing and cooking. All of them are very easy to get a hang of and fun.

Of course, when playing the story portion and not just relaxing with the activities. There is more to be revealed as a portion or quest; a task is completed. Some can become a bit more challenging and difficult as you move on from the beginning portion and further into the game. Regardless of how difficult or easy, I love this in an RPG-style game. It just makes it quite fun and action-packed to play! Even more, the joy of crafting different weapons from materials I’ve found or raising monsters for the battle is awesome! I almost feel as if I’m playing a combination of games in one.

One Last thing, no matter which mode is played. the characters and the graphics remind me of a classic game console. The way the characters react and their actions are extremely enthusiastic. Like an anime series in the way, they produce their emotions. The design in the art also reminds me of playing an RPG-style game on the Playstation or PS2 console. By the way, it’s not a bad thing! I sort of like that memory of what I once loved in the past with an action-adventure, RPG-style game, and it just makes this game even more interesting to play.

Final Conclusion

If you want to play a game that will have you acting as a hero in plenty of action-packed battles and raising monsters to battle, with the addition of tending to a relaxed simulated-fantasy lifestyle. Such as catering to your farm, cooking some lovely meals, and even getting married! Then you should check out Rune Factory 4 Special. It’s fully enjoyable from start to finish and has plenty of events and obstacles to tackle. The blend of simulated play and an RPG adventure game combined will provide such a fun and long-lasting eventful game to play for days.

Additionally, I feel this game is much more entertaining than many others with some similar features. All because of the enormous amounts of quests and adventures that one will enjoy throughout the game. It also doesn’t lackluster in the beautifully designed background and character graphics as if you were playing the original version on the Nintendo 3DS console, including the weapons and objects used and visible during gameplay. This game brings so many action-packed battles, while many relaxed hobbies on the side that can be performed as well. There is just so much going on, that it’s hard to put it down. I feel this will be a beloved game for many different gamers, with the many different opportunities one can accomplish and all of them are equally exciting as the next.


+ Entry Level RPG Game
+ Special Version: Newlywed Mode and an Extra Difficultly Option
+ Adorable Anime Style Graphics

- At times, slow Loading Speed

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Entry Level RPG Game<br> + Special Version: Newlywed Mode and an Extra Difficultly Option<br> + Adorable Anime Style Graphics<br><br> - At times, slow Loading Speed<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)Review: Rune Factory 4 Special