WD announces WD 314GB PiDrive

WDLabs today announced availability of the WD PiDrive 314GB, a storage device engineered to serve the Raspberry Pi community with low-power USB operation, affordability, reliability and ease of integration.

Raspberry Pi’s Eye Coming for Testers for the Camera

Raspberry Pi are calling for testers for the Camera module, Raspberry Pi owners to build video applications is expected to go on sale in April, according to the Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton.

Minecraft PI Edition available to download in case you missed it

If you have a Raspberry Pi and you love Minecraft you can now download Minecraft PI Edition.

A Slice of Raspberry Pi with the Foundation at the Cambridge RaspberryJam

Yesterday was the first Raspberry Jam event in Cambridge, and several of the Raspberry Pi Foundation guys were on hand to talk about the Pi.

Raspberry Pi Compliance Update – Good News!

Earlier this week we told you about the CE issue around the Raspberry Pi boards – now there is some good news on the situation.

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