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Would You Like to Test Windows Phone 7 with Windows Home Server 2011?

We have talked about the RC of the Windows 7 Phone Connector before. Tranquil are offering people the opportunity to test the Windows 7 Phone Connector with their Windows Home Server 2011 boxes.

The Digital Lifestyle Show 298 Out Now

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle has just released show number 298, and this weeks Ian and I join Garry in the box.

WP7’s first minor Update encounters some problems

Apparently, WP7's first update encountered what it was set out to do; Prepare and find the problems prior to the major update being rolled out. According to some users, (especially those with Samsung models). The minor update that started to be pushed out to WP7 devices, on Monday, Feb. 21., hangs during the backup process.

CES 2011 A Look Around the Microsoft Booth

Now that CES seems like a distant memory, I figured it was time to post some articles about the show and what I saw. I thought it might be good to show all of you who couldn’t go to CES what the Microsoft booth was all about.

Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac Beta 2 Now Available

If you have a Windows Phone 7 device and an Apple Mac, you might want to connect the two together, Microsoft have just released its Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac beta 2 for you to try.

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