Paragon Releases Drive Copy 12 Professional

Paragon has released version 12 of their Drive Copy Professional program, which is aimed at imaging hard drives and SSD’s for migration purposes. Read on for details.

Paragon Software Group Releases New Windows 8 Image Backup Tool

Paragon Software has released a new image backup tool aimed at Windows 8. Read on for details.

Paragon Software Releases Hard Disk Manager 11 Professional

Earlier this week Paragon Software released the latest version of their Hard Disk Manager software – Hard Disk Manager 11 Professional. This version supports SSDs, Advanced Format Drives and USB 3.0, along with some other new features.

Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 2.0 Released

With more people buying SSD’s, Paragon have just released some software to help you migrate your existing drive to your new SSD. It’s called Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 2.0, and read on for more information.

Paragon Software Announces Hard Disk Manager 2011 Suite for Home Users

Last week saw Paragon Software announced their Hard Disk Manager 2011 Suite for Home Users and it might be worth you taking a closer look if you want a suite of hard drive utilities that will do pretty much anything you might need.

Paragon’s GPT Loader available for Windows Home Server v1 – Early Adopter Program

Paragon Software Group has just publically opened up their Early Adopter Program that will allow Windows Home Servers v1 to recognize new high-capacity storage drives. This unique software solution uses special drivers and an initialization utility that adds support for GPT hard drives. Read on to find out more about Paragon and my upcoming Friday night plans.

Still Running Windows XP and Want To Use 3TB Hard Drives?

If you are still running Windows XP (yes there are still people running it) and you want to take advantage of the new 3TB hard drives up until now you would have been out of luck. Fortunately Paragon have stepped up with software software to enable this, and even better, its free!

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