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PC Drivers for the Xbox One Controller Out Now

Major Nelson posted the new PC drivers for the Xbox One controller, with promising support back at the original console launch in November of...

New Information on the Friends List on Xbox One

Major Nelson has posted how the friends list will work on the Xbox One, Watch the above video where Major Nelson walks you through how followers...

Unboxing of the Xbox One Console with Headset

Today Microsoft got a big surprise for all of us, It has recorded a video of the first unboxing of the Xbox One coming...

Xbox Live “Ultimate Game Sale” Starts Next Week

Major Nelson has posted on his website that next week, that Microsoft will kick off their “Ultimate Game Sale” and he has posted a list of...

How to watch the Microsoft Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing Show if you are not at E3

With the Microsoft E3 briefing a little over a week away, Major Nelson has posted how you can watch it if you are not going to be at E3.

Xbox One games cases revealed

Major Nelson has posted an image of what the cases will look like for the new Xbox One games.

Xbox One Can Do 3D and 4K Gaming

Xbox One will support both 3D and ultra high-resolution 4K, Microsoft has revealed. Larry Hryb, the director of programming for Xbox Live, confirmed the...

Next Xbox to be unveiled in two stages, ‘Tons of Exclusive Games for E3’

The new Xbox will be unveiled in two stages and release this holiday, a Microsoft executive has revealed. Teasing the imminent next-generation Xbox unveiling,...

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