Is the Next Xbox Called Xbox Fusion

Will Microsoft's next Xbox could be called Xbox Fusion, new evidence suggests. The platform holder has registered a host of web domains related to...

IllumiRoom is ‘Coffee Table Projector for Xbox 720’ – New Trailer

Microsoft's IllumiRoom is a coffee table projector for the next-generation Xbox, a new video has suggested. According to the video, IllumiRoom "envisions a next-generation gaming...

Xbox 720 to Launch with Ryse and New Forza Game

Xbox 720 launch titles include a new Forza game and Kinect title Ryse, a new report has suggested. Ryse, which was announced by Crytek at...

Kinect 2.0 ‘Will Detect Eye Movement’

Yes more rumours about the Next Generation Xbox but this time the Kinect 2.0 will detect eye movement, a report has suggested. Using Kinect 2.0,...

Nike+ Kinect Training Brand New Pack: Fast and Focused 15-Minute Lower Body & Core Workout out tomorrow

The Nike+ Kinect Training game has some new content in the form of the Fast and Focused 15-Minute Lower Body & Core workout pack.

Is Microsoft Going To Announce The New Xbox This April?

It is expected that Microsoft to announce the new Xbox in this April, a new report has suggested. A number of  developers and industry professionals have...

New Xbox Rumoured to Require Always on Kinect

Microsoft's next Xbox is rumoured to require Kinect at all times. According to a Kotaku source known as SuperDaE, who  claims to have access to a development...

New Xbox to Introduce Siri-style Voice Recognition?

Microsoft will introduce Siri-style voice recognition to the new Xbox, a report has claimed.

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