Xbox One Will Work Without Kinect Plugged In

The Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten is back answering questions on IGN again like last week. But what news will Marc Whitten bring this week?

Inor Zur Takes The Stage and Performs at D23 for Disney Fantasia

Inon Zur Takes The Stage and Performs Music Featured in “Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved” for First Time at Disney’s D23 Expo Disney Interactive and Harmonix Music...

A look at the Microsoft Xbox One in pictures at E3 2013

Last month at E3 I got to see the new Xbox One up close and personal, and here are some pictures.

Microsoft’s Whitten Talks About DRM and Kinect Always On

More information is coming out regarding Xbox One policies, including the fact that you'll need to install a day one patch. Speaking to IGN, Mark...

Xbox One Shown Off on Jimmy Fallon

 The Xbox One got the Jimmy Fallon treatment last night and you can watch the segment below.   In the video we get information on TV,...

‘Fantasia: Music Evolved’ coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360

Fantasia: Music Evolved has been announced for Xbox One and Xbox 360. A collaboration between Disney Interactive and Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix,...

“Ryse” Confirmed as Xbox One Exclusive at E3 2013

Ryse has been confirmed as an Xbox One exclusive. The Crytek-developed title has been teased on the publisher's website, alongside a countdown that will end...

Xbox One Won’t Support Xbox 360 Peripherals

It's been confirmed that the Xbox One won't support Xbox 360 peripherals. Microsoft has said that advancements in wireless technology and Kinect tracking mean...

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