ioSafe Announces the N2 Private Cloud

ioSafeĀ® has announced the N2 Private Cloud product, and has tapped Indiegogo to commercialize it. Read on for details.

Win a Hard Drive with ioSafe’s Doomsday Contest and Apocalypse-proof Your Data

ioSafe are running a competition to win a hard drive in what they are calling their Doomsday Contest!

CES 2012 : UWHS Has a SHOCKING Time with ioSafe

Last year we blasted an ioSafe hard drive with a shotgun, this year, we were in for a shock! Literally!

Name the Product ioSafe Will Use at CES and You Can Win Their New Product

Our friends over at ioSafe have a new product demo coming to CES, and if you can guess what they will be using in the demo you can win the new product when its released.

Review of the ioSafe SoloPRO Waterproof and Fireproof Hard Drive

Do you need a backup drive capable of being both fireproof and waterproof? Would you like some data recovery services thrown in just in case? Then look no further than the SoloPRO from ioSafe.

ioSafe Launch 3TB SoloPRO

Our friends at ioSafe have been in touch to let us know that they have just released a 3TB SoloPRO.

IoSafe Rugged Portable Wins Best of CES Award for Storage and Networking

Last week at CES I got to blast the hell out of an IoSafe Rugged Portable hard drive with a Remington shotgun. In the same week it won Best of CES award for Storage & Networking. Co-incidence?

That Blasted ioSafe Hard Drive

As you know, we are here in Las Vegas for CES 2011, and our friends at ioSafe invited us to a special event. At the time no details were given to us, but we knew from last year it was going to be something fun, and something worth attending.

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