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Microsoft talks about Internet Explorer Performance Lab

In the next article on Windows 8, Microsoft talks about Internet Explorer Performance Lab: reliably measuring browser performance.

Internet Explorer to Automatically Update from January

Microsoft have today announced that from January Internet Explorer updates will take place automatically.

Would You Like to Test Drive Internet Explorer 9?

Microsoft have released the fourth platform preview for Internet Explorer 9 – would you like to give it a test drive?

Twonky Release TwonkyBeam 1.2 Beta 1

Twonky have just released beta 1 of TwonkyBeam 1.2. Want to try it?

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Windows Home Server Remote Connection Dialog

Do you get this dialog box when you connect to your Windows Home Server via Internet Explorer? Want it to go away?

Now We Know – Internet Explorer has stopped working – Again!

My Internet Explorer crashed all the time. I mean crashed a lot. I could not explain it (or fix it)and since it had been doing it since right after the fresh OS install I was very frustrated. Performance was poor and the messages were driving me crazy. Does this happen to you? Do you happen to use Skype?

Now We Know – Internet Explorer Self-help

Did you know that if you are having issues with Internet Explorer that the Microsoft website can help you troubleshoot the issue?

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Available Now

The 1st Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 8 is now available to download and use.

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