How to Set up Remote Web Access on SBS 2011 Essentials

If you are running Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and you want to set up Remote Web Access then you may need a little help.

How To Recover A Tranquil PC Leo HS4 Windows Home Server 2011 Box

With Windows Home Server V1, different companies provided different methods to perform a server recovery. Now that the first Windows Home Server 2011 server is available in the guise of the Tranquil PC Leo HS4, it’s time to see how its done now.

How To Install Windows Home Server 2011 on to a Tranquil PC SQA-5H

If you already have a Tranquil PC SQA-5H Windows Home Server you might be considering how you would run Windows Home Server 2011 on it. In this guide we will show you just how to do that.

Windows Home Server 2011 Internal 3TB Hard Drive Support – Video Edition

A valuable feature of Windows Home Server 2011 is the support of 3TB hard drives. If you have one of these large format drives you can add it internally to your WHS 2011 and easily add it through the Dashboard. There are a couple of tricks, and a few changes to the drive, so read on to find out more.

Windows Home Server 2011 Backup Strategy and Resource Demonstration – Video Edition

If you are concerned about your Windows Home Server 2011 backup strategy and how it will affect your server performance then you are not alone. We decided to make a video of the scheduled backup in progess and show the CPU and network loads during the backups. Check out the video and see how you can monitor the same stats on your Windows Home Server 2011.

Windows Home Server 2011 Folder Share Restore Video Edition

Windows Home Server 2011 allows you to safely restore files from your scheduled backup files. The restore process is different from WHS v1 and has a new interface. In addition, the automated backup can include your system disk so you can restore your OS. Check out this four minute video on the Restore for Windows Home Server 2011.

Windows Home Server 2011 Folder Share Mapping – Video Edition

You just installed Windows Home Server 2011 and are ready to start copying data? Did you know you can easily map to your Windows Home Server 2011 without the connector? Why move data over USB when you can copy files directly from one machine to Windows Home Server 2011 over your network?

Windows Home Server 2011 Installation Overview – Video Edition

Want to install WHS 2011 but not sure what to expect? Although the actual complete installation takes 45 minutes, I have sped up the video through the loads and restarts so you can see just the user input screens in four minutes. Check it out!

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