How to List your Small Business Server and Windows Home Server Add-Ins on Microsoft Pinpoint

Sean Daniel has posted a great article on how to get yours Add-ins listed on Microsoft Pinpoint.

How to use your Home Server as an AirPrint server for only $10

Sean Daniel has posted a great article on How to use your Home Server as an AirPrint server for only $10 on his blog.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer Guide for WHS 2011

My friend and fellow WHS MVP Nigel Wilks has just released a guide to the Microsoft Web Platform Installer which will work on WHS 2011.

How To Install the Xbox Companion App on Windows Phone

Whilst we are waiting for Microsoft to release the Xbox Companion app, here are the instructions on how to install it, just so you are prepared!

How to Change the Boxee Box Screensaver to Show Your Own Slideshow

D-Link have posted a short how-to guide for Boxee Box owners who want to use their own slideshow as a screensaver.

How To Use Mac OS X Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

Earlier today we told you about the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. Now we show you how to use it.

Tranquil Post Restore Guide for WHS 2011 Leo HS4 with MonStore Service

Tranquil have today posted a guide on restoring a Windows Home Server Leo HS4 box running MonStor (also known as DriveBender).

How to Create a Mac OS X Lion Install DVD or USB

If you want to perform a clean install of Mac OS X Lion instead of an upgrade, or you want to have some recovery media available, just in case, then this is the how to guide for you.

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