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An avid gamer since he first stood on the family computer chair to be able to see and play Diablo. When he is not writing, he primarily spends his time worrying about not writing.

Review: Ranch Simulator

Ultimately, Ranch Simulator is refreshingly polished for the genre, and it does genuinely feel like the developers care about the state of the game, but there's not enough to keep your average player interested for long.

Review: Cardaclysm

It's deceptively addicting, and not without its charm, but ultimately bogged down by a dearth of content that leaves it feeling repetitive after the first couple hours.

Review: Encodya

There's a creeping unease that settles in during Encodya. It goes beyond the typical dystopian bleakness and starts to feel flat-out disturbing. The streets are littered with humans completely enthralled by VR headsets—what SAM-53 calls "the opium of the people." Everywhere you turn, you are greeted by odious hopelessness. The world is broken and Tina and SAM-53 are just the team to fix it.

Review: Eternal Hope

If you go into Eternal Hope with measured expectations, you won't be disappointed. It's a story, first and foremost. Sure, the puzzles are interesting at times, but the gameplay largely feels like an afterthought. As it stands, Eternal Hope is probably best left to casual gamers who enjoy an atmospheric experience. Inveterate platformer fans aren't going to find much here except frustration.

Review: Kinetic Edge

Kinetic Edge is a stripped-down platformer with a nicely balanced difficulty. Sure, the game is an effortless experience, but it's unclear what atmosphere SCT was trying to achieve.

Review: Doors of Insanity

It might be one of the most idiosyncratic experiences I've ever had while gaming.


A recurring theme in recent Indie releases is style over substance. ENDER LILIES bucks the trend by expertly marrying playability and graphical excellence.

Review: Hammerting

It's nearly impossible to play Hammerting and not make comparisons. It's one of those games that is unique in many ways, but is best described as an amalgam of multiple genres. The game is a hybrid of a dungeon-builder, a resource manager, and a sandbox game. Your task is to juggle recruiting an army of dwarven workers while simultaneously attempting to complete missions in the outside world.

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