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Brendan Dick

An avid gamer since he first stood on the family computer chair to be able to see and play Diablo. When he is not writing, he primarily spends his time worrying about not writing.

Review: El Hijo

If you were to zoom out from a classic Clint Eastwood standoff, and instead pan up the humble monastery up on a hill, you may find a boy skulking around, longing to escape. El Hijo is the tale of that very kid.

Review: Evolution

Having just reviewed Wingspan, the prospect of playing another successful board game port had me champing at the bit. The game of Evolution, unsurprisingly,...

Review: Not For Broadcast

Look, Ma! I'm on TV! Sort of. Actually, I'm the guy behind the scenes. I'm running the entire operation—or at least trying to. I'm sitting in a booth, surrounded by an array of plugs, buttons, and knobs whose purpose I'm not entirely sure of.

Review: Dreadlands

If you can jump into Dreadlands and see anything aside from the Borderlands franchise, you're a better man than I. The game plays as a turn-based strategy similar to XCOM 2, but with a dash of post-apocalyptic flavour.

Review: Wingspan

I measured my heartrate while playing Wingspan: 58 bpm. I can pretty much guarantee I've never had a more relaxing gaming experience.

Review: Eastern Exorcist

Eastern Exorcist reminds me of a 2-D, side-scrolling Sekiro (except rooted in Chinese folklore). The game is defined by intuitive, fluid controls and an absurdly steep difficulty curve.

Review: Cyberpunk 2077

I'm late to the party. But, in the spirit of CD Projekt Red (CDPR), I had to delay this review for a couple of weeks.

Review: Get-A-Grip Chip

Two words come to mind: playability and replayability. Get-A-Grip Chip is a cute and simplistic platformer from Redstart Interactive with a ton of heart. Perhaps more important than its charm is the its execution. The smooth controls and clever design make it so that you can dump hours into this game before even noticing. Unfortunately, if you do exactly that, you'll get to the end a bit quicker than you'd ever want to.

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Review: Loot Hero DX

When your enemies get in your way, don't just stand there, ram them until they die.

Review: White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is a South Korean survival-horror game originally developed and published by the studio Sonnori back in 2001. It was remade for mobile phones in 2015 and for Windows and Playstation 4 in 2017.

Review: Fatal Fury: First Contact

Fatal Fury is a part of SNK’s fighting game franchise, which dates way back into the late 20th century where arcade cabinets were still...

Review: Skelattack

The best Skeldefense is a good Skelattack.Skelattack is a brutal, unforgiving and exacting test of your reflexes, patience and fine motor control which is...

Review: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is based on manga/anime of the same name. It promises to be a faithful adaptation of its source material and is promoted...

Review: Pixel Ripped 1995

Back in Time I had no idea I missed the train when Pixel Ripped 1989 was released. I can honestly can say I regret not...