Software Update 3.1 Available for First Generation Roku Players

Roku have released software update 3.1 for it’s first generation Roku players brining with it a number of enhancements.

WD Adds New Services for WD TV Owners

Today Western Digital announced some new services for it’s WD TV customers, along with a new remote app.

Back-up Photos and Music without a Computer with PlexEasy

Plextor plan Standalone DVD Writer with Integrated Screen & USB/SD Reader called the PlexEasy.

Pogoplug Series 4 Announced

One month after launching its new Pogoplug Cloud service, Pogoplug has announced the next generation of its flagship cloud expansion device: Pogoplug Series 4.

Iomega Launch Iomega TV with Boxee in the UK

The Iomega TV with Boxee has been launched in the UK - 11 months after we saw it at CES.

Sonos Now Offering Android Tablet Support and New Spotify Features

Sonos have just updated their System Software to version 3.6, bringing with it Android Tablet support and some new Spotify features.

IOGEAR Advances Video Streaming with Wireless 3D Digital Kit

IOGEAR have just announced a wireless 3D digital kit for streaming your audio and video

Roku Streaming Boxes Coming to the UK in 2012

Yesterday Roku announced that their streaming boxes would be coming to the UK in 2012.

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