The Home Server Show 41 Out Now

Dave over at the HomeServerShow.com has released the latest edition of his podcast, The Home Server Show, number 41.

HP MediaSmart 2.5 Update Now Available

HP have now released the HP MediaSmart Server 2.5 Update and iStream Application to the web.

New HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487 Software Update

Today HP announced the forthcoming release of a software update for the HP MediaSmart EX485 and EX487 Servers, known as the 2.5 Update.

Hacking The HP EX470/475 MediaSmart Servers : Get Your Hack On

The other night I posted that Ed Tittel has put together a great post that explained where to get the latest drivers if you happen to own an HP MediaSmart EX470 or EX475 Server. Ed has now published a much longer article on Tom’s Hardware site that includes this information but also lots more including how to change the processor and also benchmarking your MediaSmart Server.

Backing Up a Mac with an HP MediaSmart EX470 or EX475

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called Backing Up a Mac with an HP MediaSmart EX485 or EX487. The article explained how to back up a Mac using Time Machine to your HP MediaSmart EX485 or EX487. This was possible due to some added software that HP included with the new MediaSmart Servers. Now for all those people who don’t yet have either the EX485 or the EX487, but still have either the EX470 or EX475, MediaSmartHome.com has a detailed article on how to do pretty much the same thing using SMB Shares.

Updating the Drivers on an HP MediaSmart EX470 or EX475

For those of you who have the first version of the HP MediaSmart Server, either the EX470 or the EX475, you may want to update the drivers for the hardware.

New Update for HP MediaSmart Servers

Today HP have released a new update for owners for their MediaSmart Servers.

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