Nokia has provided a First Glimpse of the Lumia 928

Nokia has provided a first glimpse of the Lumia 928 smartphone on its official website. The device is expected to run the Windows Phone...

Is Nokia ‘Working on Super Sized Galaxy Note Rival’

Rumour is that Nokia is reportedly working on a phone-tablet hybrid to rival Samsung's Galaxy Note line. The Financial Times sources claim that the Finnish...

Is Nokia Readying a EOS Smartphone with 41 megapixel Camera?

Nokia is reportedly planning to launch a line of Windows Phone 8 handsets packing powerful 41-megapixel cameras.

Nokia EOS Windows Phone 8 PureView Device Rumoured

Nokia is allegedly readying a Windows Phone 8 handset with its PureView camera technology on board.

Canon EOS 650D Review

CDW awards the Canon EOS 650D its Gold Award 5/5 rating. The new multi-angle touchscreen is excellent, and there are other refinements too. Read the full review to see what we thought when we took the camera out for a test run.

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