EA Not Going to Reinstating Online Passes for Xbox One

 EA will not change its stance for Online Passes now that Microsoft has decided to drop DRM from Xbox One. “ no change to our...

Microsoft Does a U Turn and DRM and Offline Play and more for Xbox One

Xbox One is to change its policies for used games and online connectivity. "what amounts to a complete reversal" on its controversial polices. Last week...

Sony Clarifies Stance on No DRM, Online Passes

Sony has once again clarified details surrounding its no DRM policy, as well as revealing that it'll drop its own online pass system for PS4.

The Next Xbox to Revamp Achievements, Video Sharing and more

The Next Xbox is to have revamped social networking, Achievements, anti-piracy checks and video-sharing capabilities, according to a report. Polygon cites sources saying that Microsoft's...

The Media Center Show 263

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle.com has just released the Media Center Show 263 – I am on one of the guests this week.

The Media Center Show 261

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle has released the Media Center Show podcast number 261 and it is a discussion show including me!

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Review: Astrea: Six Sided Oracles

Astrea: Six Sided Oracles is a turn-based roguelike that swaps cards for dice and is all the better for it. Roll those bones!

Review: Humankind