Shuttle X350 Now Available to Pre Order

Last week we brought you the first details of the new Shuttle X350 slim PC, now the Shuttle website it live and you can pre order it.

Atom Windows Home Server build on a Friday night – v1 Server Operating System and Overview – Video Edition

In the last article I built this D510 Windows Home Server. In this post John Zajdler and I will load the OS, talk about Windows Home Server v1 and give you some tips when building your own WHS.

Intel Expands Intel Atom Processor-Based Platform to Home and Small Office Storage Devices

Yesterday at CEBIT, Intel launched it’s first Atom processor-based platform that is optimised for networked home and small office storage devices. This includes Windows Home Server and Linux devices, to name but two possible uses.

Shuttle Announce the XS35 Mini-PC

Today Shuttle announced a new HD-compatible mini-pc solution called the XS35, and it’s only 3.3cm thick!

Tranquil Launch Series 2 SQA-5H Windows Home Server Powered by Intel D510 CPU

Today Tranquil PC have announced the launch of their new SQA-5H Windows Home Server which is powered by the new Intel D510 CPU.

Tranquil PC Announce New Windows Home Server (Sort Of)

Got some interesting news from Tranquil this evening: The new MiDASS Home Server will be powered by the D510 CPU and NM10 chipset !!

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