Tag:7 out of 10

Review: Tinker Racers

Jump in your vehicle and try to survive for as long as possible.

Review: Relicta

A physics based puzzle game where magnetism, polarity and gravity are key.

Review: Die With Glory

Will you achieve the ultimate death? Can you finish every story steeped in honour? It's time to be killed and Die With Glory.

Review: Escape From Life Inc

An old-school platform game that is laced with humour. Control your team of animals and escape the aliens of Life Inc.

Review: Pacer

A great anti-grav racer that is full of content. A nod to the fantastic WipEout series.

Review: Sumatra: Fate of Yandi

An accident causes you to fight for your life. Will the jungle finish you, or will you survive to return to your wife?

Review: Arcade Spirits

A Visual Novel that explores, love, friendship and retro gaming.

Review: Hunting Simulator 2

I've played many different games that take place in many different genres but the one genre i'm not particularly experienced with is the hunting...

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Review: Golden Force

An intensely challenging action platformer, that ends up hindered by critical performance issues

Review: Go To IT

Review: Giga Lounger