Two minute review of Qmadix Metalix Snap-On Cover for the iPhone 4S

It’s time for another one of our “two minute reviews” – this time is the Metalix snap-on cover for the iPhone 4S from Qmadix.

VMware Fusion 4 Released – Designed for OS X Lion

Last week we told you about Parallels for Mac being updated to support Lion, now VMware have released version 4 of their Fusion software.

Apple Release iOS 4.3.5 Update

Apple have just released iOS 4.3.5 – and it’s another security update so you really want to ensure you update.

Apple Release iOS 4.3.4 Update Available

Apple have just released iOS 4.3.4 – and it’s a security update so you really want to update if you view PDF’s on any of your Apple devices.

Apple Release iOS 4.3.3 Update

Apple have just released iOS 4.3.3 which only contains a fix for the iPhone tracking issue you have probably hear about.

Apple Release iOS 4.3.1 Software Update for iPhones and iPads

It’s only been a few weeks since Apple released iOS 4.3, and last night they released iOS 4.3.1. Again, it’s a few bug fixes.

Review of the mophie juice pack air for the Apple iPhone 4

If you have an iPhone 4 and you find that you never have enough battery power then you need an external battery pack. How about a case with an integrated battery pack? That’s where the juice pack air from mophie comes in.

How To Install XBMC Media Center on the Apple iPhone 4 or iPad

Yesterday we announced the release of XBMC for the Apple iPhone 4, iPad and AppleTV 2. Today we show you how to install XMBC to your Apple iPhone 4.

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