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Review: Wavetale

The only time I cared about Google Stadia came during EGX 2022, when I tried out Wavetale for the first time. I almost bought...

EGX 2022 – Thunderful Games Showcase

Thunderful Group is a group of companies that develops, publishes and invests in games as well as distributes Nintendo products, games, game accessories and...

Review: Hell Pie

Hell is fun for the demons.

Review: Ary And The Secret Of Seasons

Ary and the Secret of Seasons is a game like no other! As we take on the role of a young heroine named Aryelle,...

Review: Scrap Garden

Become a hero and save the day.

Review: Super Sami Roll

A relatively simple but challenging 3D platform racer that occasionally struggles with performance issues

Review: Yooka-Laylee

Retro inspired platforming fun.

Review: Blue Fire

Blue Fire is a beautiful 3D platformer that feels like a mashup of Hollow Knight and The Legend of Zelda, with its own unique flavor.

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Review: Shoulders of Giants

A futuristic rogue-lite with a repetitive core.

Review: Wavetale

Review: Grapple Dog

Review: HEROish