GamingReview: Ary And The Secret Of Seasons

Review: Ary And The Secret Of Seasons


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Ary and the Secret of Seasons is a game like no other! As we take on the role of a young heroine named Aryelle, which we all come to know her as Ary. Our main goal is to help save the world from the horrible enemies that are creating havoc. Even more so, we must try to assist the Guardians of the Seasons to keep the balance of the world, Valdi. Without that balance, everything will stay in disarray.

So what’s great about being this heroine Ary? Unquestionably, It has to be her ability to work with the different seasons. Using each of them as a powerful weapon, by manipulating them to help her defeat enemies and make it easier for us to continue our way through the beautifully created world, even if it’s going through some chaotic changes. Additionally, there are so many different quests to accept and challenging puzzles to figure out as we venture forward!

The Adventure Begins!

While being such a beautifully designed game, I must first mention how much fun it is to be able to interact with the objects and the people of the world. Ary was very well created to the resemblance of a young child, by her mannerisms and yet she’s strongly spirited and even trying to be a great hero like her brother Finn. Plus, how confident our character is, there really is nothing going to stand in our way, we just push forward and prove ourselves to the entire world. This must be one of the most favorable aspects to why I love the game!

In addition to our character’s personality and the lovely ability to change the seasons throughout the game. I do want to comment on how nicely designed each of the characters is. They actually remind me of a cartoon character from a Disney animated movie. I don’t have anything negative to say about the character style, they really look perfect. Plus, the enemies, such as the humorous design in the hyenas add a little more of an interesting appeal to the game as well!

In some way, I always get this feeling of one Disney movie because the first portion of this game’s story is about a female who changes her appearance to appear like a boy. Even if everyone knows it’s not, which is where it is a bit different. Yet, if you have ever seen the movie Mulan, this is the vibe I get when Ary decides to dress up in a warrior-style suit and cuts her hair before venturing out to help save the world. On the other hand, instead of seeing it at the end of the game, Ary’s mom is proud of her right from the beginning, proving herself by just being strong and fearless.

The next thing to mention is how fun it can be to basically run around the world, checking out all the locations without running out of time or being rushed to finish the game. You’re able to be free to roam around every nook and cranny. Plus, there are so many quests you can do at a time, giving you more to do and complete in any order. A few are bonus quests, but there is also the regular route we must accomplish in the game. Nevertheless, there is no rush to need to do any of the extras in order or possibly at all!

Anywho, these quests as they are obtained and accepted will be listed on the top left side of the screen. Making it easy to recall what you decided to accept and need to complete. Never forget what was the next location you need to check out. After a portion or at least one quest is completed, the listed quest turns green, till the entire quest is done and at that time it’s removed. The creators really thought of that quite well. Especially, I love how they made sure the quests in this upper-left corner of the screen aren’t too big or dark, covering up the screen so it’s hard or in the way as one plays the game.

In addition to the quests and our character. I must mention that the ability to venture through the world is quite easy, as well as the battles we take on with the enemies in the game. All the movements we need to use to rotate and move Ary are very easy to pick up and well mapped out on the controller. If it’s using Ary’s sword or her powers using the seasons, they are all easy to trigger. Therefore, there are no worries about this game being too difficult, which is perfect for kids and even adults who want a game that is taught to them as they play or who can pick up the game at any point and know what needs to be pressed. Plus, a little bonus help is while the game loads, there are these helpful tips making it easy to know and learn to use certain features a bit better.

Even if we want to get more into the action features of the game; the battle sequence between you and the enemies. Well, one good thing is that it does take place in the actual game once you come up to an enemy. Another is that it’s just as exciting as many other games. No change in who fights next, just go all for it and keep swinging that sword till the enemies are defeated. So there will be no letdown in the fighting portion of this game. Each one is similar, fully entertaining, and engaging from start to finish.

Of course, when you travel through many locations, battling many enemies, and obtaining the different seasons to use during the game to get you so much closer and accomplish plenty of quests. You might as well be totally captivated by the realistic appearance of the worldly environment. The graphics are marvelous, like a piece of art. That is possibly why I find myself wondering sometimes, freely checking out every area that I can, fully before continuing the game’s main goals and quests. Luckily, If I need to get back on track, there is a nice size map located in the bottom right corner with many different pieces directing the player where to go for the requests being asked to be completed.

There is one other feature I must point out, that really is a blessing about this game. You are in charge of how hard you want the game to be. If you aren’t one for very difficult gameplay, just choose to have the game be easy, while others can always choose a harder version, making it a bit more challenging. There also are a few other settings that can be adjusted throughout the gameplay, making it suitable as you play, anytime during the game.

As the game has so many wonderful features, I can tell you that there are a few displeasing ones as well. Depending on personal preferences, it may not be such a big issue to many players, but I feel a tiny tweaking could improve the game immensely! For example, the use of the season power, especially the winter ability. You can turn it on and off at any time, which is nice. However, when using it anywhere, for example, the winter ability could just cause a snow globe effect or even trap you if done in a spot that is without an escape route. It just appears a bit strange. At least with the use of the power again, you can untrap yourself and hopefully not have to reset the game to a past location you’ve saved yourself at.

The second problem I came across is during the loading screen. It does take some time, and honestly, I was surprised that it’s without color. It feels as if the game is missing some completion. However, this is just a minor issue, which I can get past. Yet I am surprised that there was no color. The other portion as it loads is a little strange too. The character rides the horse across the screen as it loads, but it looks like the character gets to the other side, and yet the loading is still loading, when it clearly would appear to be done.

The last one is that many of the objects you can swing a sword at can break things, but it doesn’t include much of anything inside to find. It’s possibly just for appearance and the joy of swinging at something. However, there doesn’t seem to be much to worth finding inside.

Regardless, these issues are not such huge problems as the game is still very well made. I honestly wouldn’t let these features bother me, since the game’s story is very cute and the game itself is very entertaining and original. Even if you can’t change weapons to fight with, you do have the ability to play with the seasons and make the weather become whatever you like. Now that is what makes the game so appealing and fun!

In Conclusion

This game brings a bunch of entertainment, from the normal story or the additional challenges, which you accomplish besides the original adventure. Additionally, there are so many beautiful scenes to be seen and plenty of objects to interact with. When you have the ability to work with all of the lovely seasons, it can be fun and to be honest, the snow falling down is so beautiful in every part of the game.

It’s a game with so many lovely images that you’d want to capture a photo of. The graphic art is just gorgeous and so are the well-designed characters. I also think the enemies are quite cute and silly in a cartoony way. Lastly, Ary And The Secret Of Seasons is a perfect family-style game for young to old, not too easy or difficult, but just a whole lotta fun!


+ Brilliant Story
+ Beautiful Art-like Scenes and Lovely Music
+ Hours of Action, Adventure and Quests from Beginning to End

- Slow Loading and Appears Incomplete
- A little Bit Glitchy

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Ary And The Secret Of Seasons+ Brilliant Story<br> + Beautiful Art-like Scenes and Lovely Music<br> + Hours of Action, Adventure and Quests from Beginning to End<br><br> - Slow Loading and Appears Incomplete<br> - A little Bit Glitchy<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)