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Frances Addison

Review: Lord of the Click II

A very simple but enjoyable clicker that feels more like an addictive mobile game than a fully-fledged console title

Review: SNK vs Capcom: The Match of the Millennium

A faithful rendition of a 1999 fighting game that's a trip straight down memory lane for anyone familiar with the original series

Review: Draft of Darkness

A highly atmospheric deck building, survival horror experience that is still finding its feet, but shows a lot of promise.

Review: Super Sami Roll

A relatively simple but challenging 3D platform racer that occasionally struggles with performance issues

Review: Just Die Already

A much more polished successor to Goat Simulator, Just Die Already is a bright, colourful mayhem sandbox that grows old very quickly.

Review: The Fabled Woods

A pseudo-horror mystery story that is ultimately too short and underdeveloped to deliver on its promise.

Review: Castle Flipper

A short but satisfying game that pits you as both cleaner and builder in a number of impressive environments.

Review: Realpolitiks II

An exciting premise for a simulation strategy game but one that wholly underdelivers on its promise, with unengaging gameplay and very little to actually do

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