Square Enix Presents: 18/03/2021 Showcase – All News and Trailers

It has been a busy few days for all things Square Enix with the news of Outriders going into Xbox Game Pass on release...

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos DLC Out Now!

Today, Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment announced The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos, the second and final story expansion for the award-winning and critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG, is...

Review: I, Zombie

With the endless shows, games and films depicting worlds infested by the living dead, has anyone really ever stopped and thought - how is...

DOOM Eternal ‘Ancient Gods Part Two’ DLC Releasing March 18th!

Well was not expecting this when the trailer for 'Ancient Gods Part 2' was teased earlier this week but it is officialy, the finally...

Outriders Announced as Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Release Day!

After another cryptic tweet from the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account this past weekend, today it has been confirmed that the new looter...

Watch the ‘Square Enix Presents’ Digital Showcase on March 18th 5pm GMT

SQUARE ENIX has announced the debut of a new video program called SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS, a series of shows in which the company will...

Fall Guys Season 4 Launcing March 22nd 2021!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will teleport 2021’s most memeable jelly beans to a neon-drenched Blunderdome of the future, when Season 4 warps into view on...

DOOM Eternal – Ancient Gods Part 2 Teaser Trailer!

The epic conclusion to the DOOM Slayer’s saga is coming soon but you can watch the full trailer reveal on March 17th, 2021. Your...

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Review: 41 Hours: Prologue

Texelworks hypes up their upcoming May 2021 First-Person Shooter (FPS) experience. 41 Hours will take you through an immersive journey including time travel, portals,...

Review: Tetra Cube

Review: Synergia

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Blood Bowl 2: Campaign Trailer, release date & more

With Blood Bowl 2 coming out on the 22nd...

Tales of Xillia Jude and Milla battle videos now available

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