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Review: Crown Trick

Initially released on Steam, Crown Trick has made its way to the Nintendo Switch retaining its gorgeous art style and engaging gameplay, but how does it feel on the handheld especially as you can now take it on the go.

Review: Sonic Mania

Sonic has returned, but this time with a brand new 2D outing in Sonic Mania. A love letter to the fans of old while...

Review: X Field Paintball Game 3

X Field Paintball looks to take the real life sensation of competitive paint balling and put it into video game form. It’s an interesting...

Review: Streets of Rogue

To begin with Streets of Rogue is such a huge mash up of different genre’s that it would be difficult to pin point exactly...

Review: Loot Rascals

Loot Rascals is a turn based game and this is shown via the turn meter in the top right. As you move between the...

Review: Mr. Shifty

Initially released for Windows PC, Mr Shifty by Tiny Build and Team Shift has made its way to the hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch;...

Review: Hyrule Warriors Legends

First released on the Wii U; Hyrule Warriors: Legends sees Nintendo’s famous Zelda characters mix it up with the Koei Tecmo’s – Dynasty Warriors...

Review: Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man is back… well through this Legacy Collection by Capcom which puts together the six original games in the series, exactly as you remember them. A great way to bring nostalgia back and introduce the blue bomber to a whole new generation, but can Mega Man still hang with today’s icons?

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