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Grzegorz Cebera

I am passionate about video games as an art form and I am hoping to share some insight on the topic. I love all kinds of action games ranging from Dark Souls to Street Fighter.

Review: Kunai

Described by its developer TurtleBlaze as a fast paced action platformer Kunai manages to deliver on that promise and still has more to offer....

Review: Outbuddies DX

Outbuddies DX promises to be a classic metroidvania experience including a varied open world, environmental puzzles, multiple ways of movement and interesting boss battles....

Review: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is based on manga/anime of the same name. It promises to be a faithful adaptation of its source material and is promoted...

Review: Death Ray Manta SE

Death Ray Manta is described as an arcade style shooter and one needs to only watch the trailer to see it is nothing less than that.

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Review: Go To IT It's time to take a look at another early access title. Black Deck Crew and Gamera Interactive, let you finally live your dreams of...

Review: Giga Lounger