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Daniel Kelly

A man forever in search of a game to surpass Metal Gear.

The Showcase that Vindicated Playstation.

Game showcases (especially Playstation's) are almost always disappointing, yet I always get my hopes up, and then I get annoyed. There's always some speculation,...

Review: Advance Wars 1+2 Re-boot Camp

I enjoy strategy games, but had never played the Advance Wars games before. I suppose it was just something I missed out on initially,...

Review: R-Type Final 3 Evolved

I've been out of the schmup scene since Super Aleste, which I played in around 2013. Since then I've played a few hours of...

Review: Little Witch Nobeta

Soulslike is so loose a term that it seems to be applicable to anything. Like how every game that has a perfunctory upgrade tree...

Postal 4: No Regerts

The original Postal is a fine game, Postal 2 is a mostly fine game, Postal 3 was so reviled that even the devs will...

Yomawari: Lost In The Dark

I'm a notorious scaredy-cat. I do however enjoy survival horror: those few games like Resident Evil and Evil Within where you have the resources...

Review: Vengeful Guardian Moonrider

Vengeful Guardian Moonrider, as you can probably tell from its badass, polysyllabic nonsense name, doesn't particularly care about story. 'Good samurai robot go kill...

Review: Rivalia Dungeon Raiders

Rivalia is an action dungeon crawler game with a simple, DND-like concept: what if 4 adventurers were trapped in a rougue-lite loop by an...

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An excellent wireless mouse that will impress you.

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