GamingThe Showcase that Vindicated Playstation.

The Showcase that Vindicated Playstation.


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Game showcases (especially Playstation’s) are almost always disappointing, yet I always get my hopes up, and then I get annoyed.

There’s always some speculation, but this time there were some pretty credible leaks, and I got excited again. Thankfully, it was all justified. This was wonderful.

Before we get into the games that people care about, here’s the bulk of the stuff that was announced:

This static listing is not to indicate that none of these are going to be good, but I cannot now think of a single thing to say about any of them. Now, let’s talk about the real games.

Oh My God, They Actually Did It.

Snake Eater is actually getting a remake. My prayers were actually answered. Snake Eater is unequivocally one of the greatest games ever made, and while I’m nervous about a non-Kojima driven remake, my critical thinking is currently being choked my a miasma of hype, so we’ll have to see how this one shakes out.

That’s not all we got though. In a Babe Ruth pointing to the stands-esque call, I figured they’d probably port the older games to newer systems as well if Konami had actually realised that I’ll happily pay full price for 15 year old games if I can play them on newer systems. So, guess what?

Hallelujah. They actually listened.

At Last.

Okay, what else did we get? Oh yeah. A trailer for the sequel to THE best fantasy action game ever made; one with actual gameplay, if you can imagine such a thing.

Dragon’s Dogma is a marvelous game. It’s the only large scale fantasy game I can think of with great (not just good) combat. Everything in it is wonderful and, if you haven’t played the original, it’s almost always $10 or less by now. Go get it, then get this.

The Sequel Few Wanted More Than Me.

Spider-man is my favourite superhero. The first game was the reason I bought a PS4, Miles Morales was the reason I bought a PS5, and this game will be the reason I… I don’t know, I guess I’ll just buy it.

Not only do we have black suit confirmation, but we also had playable Queens, Lizard, and full on Kraven hunt confirmation. Now if we can only get confirmation of the Alex Ross suit, then I can lock in my pre-order.

This is gonna be one wonderful year.

Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly
A man forever in search of a game to surpass Metal Gear.

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