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Alex Chessun

Currently obsessed with the Yakuza series (minus no.7), Alex is an avid fan of immersive Open World games, quick pick-up-and-play arcade experiences and pretty much anything else good. He also desperately wants Shenmue 4 to happen - a lot.

Review: Outward Definitive Edition

A crafting survival RPG that strays into simulation territory as it wants you to do everything yourself, Outward - an RPG of the fantasy variety - removes all...

Review: Mothmen 1966

There's something about the Mothman that makes it eminently fascinating. Whether its the creature's humanoid appearance, the mystery behind its sightings in the nostalgic...

Review: Yurukill: The Calumniation Games

Yurukill: The Calumniation Games is a game you won't see coming.  The best way to describe it would be to imagine the Ace Attorney series,...

Review: Wonder Boy Collection

With a release almost every year since the Wonder Boy remake in 2016, the classic platformer Wonder Boy series has seen quite the revitalization,...

Review: Disgaea 6 Complete

With its quirky humour, isometric Strategy RPG Disgaea is a niche series that has always kept its fans loyal by remaining true to itself, but after...

Review: The Origin: Blind Maid

The Origin: Blind Maid is a first-person survival horror game where the terror is not just limited to the gameplay, but also extends to your...

Review: Systems of Souls

Without a story, puzzle-platformers are often short experiences that have difficulty resonating with the player, relying entirely on gameplay to provide any level of replayability....

Review: Metal Max Xeno Reborn

Is Metal Max Xeno Reborn a remake, a remaster, or a re-release? Well, let's just say one of life's mysteries goes unresolved for another...

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Review: MX Vs ATV Legends

Save the farm and become a legend.

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