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Alex Chessun

Currently based in Tokyo, Alex is an avid fan of ice hockey, video games and custard, though not necessarily in that order.

Review: The Skylia Prophecy

While some retro games have aged badly over time, there are still some timeless 16-bit titles that are worth your attention. Such is the...

Review: Synergia

Synergia is a cyberpunk yuri visual novel that ticks all the boxes for successful franchises in the genre - a mysterious lead character with...

Review: Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation

If someone would've told me at the beginning of the year that my favorite game of 2021 thus far would be a niche anime...

Review: Bite the Bullet

Everyone with a TV has at least one TV show that is guaranteed to put them to sleep at night. Bite the Bullet, a...

Review: Windfolk – Sky is Just the Beginning

Innovation in the gaming industry often comes in incremental steps with new titles taking elements from their successful peers before adding their own distinct...

Review: Destiny Connect – Tick-Tock Travelers –

Destiny Connect - Tick-Tock Travelers - is a JRPG that you might get if Back to the Future was made by Pixar - an...

Review: Blast Zone! Tournament

"Paging Bomberman. Please make your way to 'relevance' on Aisle 3". While you may not know what a pager is, you've surely heard of...

Review: Jade’s Ascension

If Bandai Namco hadn't copyrighted the use of minigames in loading screens, Jade's Ascension, a twin-stick local co-op arcade shooter would feel right at...

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Review: Scalextric 1966 Batmobile

With Fathers Day just around the corner, we take a look at the iconic 1966 Batmobile in Scalextric form.

Review: Backworlds

Review: Outriders