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Review: Mr & Mrs Family Edition


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The Mr & Mrs Family Edition board game is the latest way to test your knowledge of those closest to you. However, be warned as when you get things wrong, the atmosphere becomes heated! Consequently, I suggest brushing up on your knowledge of your partner and friends to avoid embarrassment.

Whether you play this with your friends or your loved ones, you’ll laugh throughout. The excellent range of questions and the structure of the rounds take influence from the much-loved TV show. Moreover, with only 3 rounds to complete, each session never outstays its welcome. Accordingly, this is the perfect choice when you wish to keep the laughs going and the energy high.

What’s in the box of Mr & Mrs Family Edition?

  • The colourful packaging is attractive and eye-catching. Additionally, it is well constructed so the box will take some roughhousing.
  • Mr & Mrs Family Edition comprises plenty of questions, 4 paddle cards, score cards and tokens, and partner pads to write down your answers.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the easy-to-follow rules.

Is it easy to play?

I like complicated board games. However, too many rules are off-putting. Thankfully, Mr & Mrs Family Edition is extremely easy to understand and even easier to play. The action comprises 3 rounds. Rounds 1 and 3 follow the same formula, whereas round 2 gets the arguments flowing. During rounds 1 and 3, 3 sets of questions are asked of each partner. If you get a correct answer, you earn a point and your score is increased. Though these rounds are enjoyable, the 2nd round is where you’ll laugh the most.

During the 2nd stage, players must test their knowledge and resolve of each other. Accordingly, some naughty questions will catch people out. Furthermore, it’ll highlight the modest side of each partnership, much to everyone else’s amusement. Thankfully, none of the questions are obscene or inappropriate. As such, you can enjoy this with gamers of all ages.

Is Mr & Mrs Family Edition worth it?

With Christmas around the corner, you’ll want a new board game to amuse the family. As such, Mr & Mrs Family Edition is worth considering. Not only is this game great with a large group of friends, but it can also be enjoyed with your partner or loved ones. Moreover, the manufacturer Rascals has considered questions for all age groups. Therefore, it is ideal for anyone aged 10 years or older.

Another great aspect of this board game is its short play time and how simple it is to understand. Additionally, like Monopoly, this gets your juices flowing. Therefore, you are bound to have the odd squabble and a bit of playful banter along the way. Accordingly, I loved my time with it and recommend buying it here!

(More information on Rascals can be found here!) 

Mr & Mrs Family Edition is awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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Daniel Waite
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