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Preview: Techno Banter


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Techno Banter was a game that I enjoyed whilst at Develop Brighton. This Early Access preview gave me a glimpse into a seedy yet humorous world. Furthermore, this grim environment was full of danger, snappy one-liners, and plenty of game-changing decisions. Accordingly, this title can be as simple or as complex as you like it to be.

Developed by Dexai Arts and published by Crunching Koalas, this is a techno-infused adventure title. Moreover, it tests your witty nature and ability to read between the lines. As such, you may make mistakes as you try to complete your job as a bouncer at a weird nightclub.  

Techno Banter is full of weird and wonderful characters.
Will you let this hunky panda in?

Techno Banter is dark yet funny.

Helping out as a bouncer at your local nightclub was never meant to be easy. However, things are made worse when you have to deal with anthropomorphic denizens. These seedy individuals will stop at nothing to party the night away in the coolest venue in town. Yet, it is your responsibility to keep the riff-raff out whilst improving the “coolness” of the night ahead.

This task isn’t for the faint of heart, as you are tested almost immediately. Your amphibian boss gives you a list of demands and you must try to match the clientele accordingly. By asking an array of open questions, you’ll discover what makes each would-be partygoer tick. Consequently, if they match the requirements, you can let them in. But, if they are bad for business, then you must refuse them entry. Normally, your potential clients don’t take refusal lying down, and this is where the fun begins.

Banter and one-liners.

No one likes to be scorned. Subsequently, whenever anyone is refused access to the nightclub, they will start an argument. However, you must keep your cool and listen to what they say. Once they finish talking, you must backchat them and throw them off balance. If you successfully overcome their advances, they will be sent packing. Yet, if they get the better of you, they will be allowed to enter the nightclub, and this is bad for business.

Occasionally, you will face some badass individuals that are tough to defeat. When this happens, you must stay calm and stick to the plan. If you fail, your score for the day will be badly impacted, and this will prevent you from upgrading the club and potentially helping those around you.

Explore the city in Techno Banter and see who wishes to party.
Talk to the locals and see who wishes to party.

Plenty more to see.

In its current build, the developers focused on the day-to-day running of your job. Yet, there promises to be plenty more to see and do. There will be an array of characters that can be helped and an upgrade system to improve the layout of the club. Furthermore, there will be side quests that can be completed or ignored.

This additional meat on the bone will add to an already impressive-looking title. The never-ending stream of punters and witty comebacks was enough to keep me busy. But I’d love to see if the upgrade system and additional quests impact the atmosphere and the desirable clients you wish to attract.

Techno Banter looks wonderfully seedy.

Techno Banter focuses on a pixelated and grim finish. The seedy nature of the nightclub and rundown neighbourhood leaves a lot to be desired. On top of this, the weird mixture of animals and humans will make you frown. There was nothing stranger than a muscly tiger or a pissed-off rhino. What’s more, the scantly clad ladies of the night add some colour to proceedings.

Talking of colour, Techno Banter is a neon-infused explosion of a game. The bright colours juxtapose the grey and sinister environment. Moreover, the excellent character models were great to look at. Accordingly, the developers cannot be accused of creating a mundane or dull title.

Where this truly excels is its banging soundtrack. Dexai Arts are influenced by the wonderful Berlin Techno dance scene. The phenomenal music is amazing to listen to! I adored the bass-heavy and BPM-enriched songs that play on a loop. Even if you are not a lover of this genre of music, you’ll admire the excellent party atmosphere.

Talk to the locals and invite them to the party.
She looks like she wants to party.

It is easy to play.

Techno Banter is a pleasure to play. Thanks to the simple controller layout and excellent UI, you can focus on your witty comebacks. Additionally, exploring the neighbourhood and upgrading the nightclub was easily achievable. Consequently, I can imagine that the extra tasks will be straightforward once they are incorporated.

I wasn’t able to gauge how long this would take to complete. Moreover, I didn’t get a sense of replay value or longevity. Yet, if the promised additional content is anything to go by, I believe this will keep you busy. What’s more, there is the ability to bum rush the core concept or enjoy every unique avenue. As such, this should draw you in repeatedly.

Techno Banter is unusual but addictive.

This is an edgy and niche title that won’t float everyone’s boat. However, I liked its weird characters, excellent environment, and dark humour. On top of this, the promise of additional content makes it even more moreish. As such, I liked it and I recommend you wishlist it here! The club’s reputation falls on your shoulders. Therefore, you must pick the right clients or pay the price. Listen to their answers, scrutinise their personalities, and humiliate those that don’t make the cut.

(Due to be released Q1. 2024)

Daniel Waite
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