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Review: JLab Go Wireless Keyboard


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Being able to work on the move is essential for many people. Moreover, finding a convenient way to do this is easier said than done. So, do you take a laptop and have to carry it around all day? Or do you work on your phone and forget the keyboard and mouse? Both options are feasible, but they have their shortcomings as well. This is where the JLab Go Wireless Keyboard comes to the fore!

This compact TKL device is perfect for people who want to work whilst commuting. Alternatively, it is a handy option if you wish to work outside and soak up some sunshine. With a stylish and robust shell, comfortable keystroke distance and excellent connectivity options, this ticks many boxes. Additionally, it costs £19.99 and therefore, it’s an affordable option for many.

What’s in the box of the JLab Go Wireless Keyboard?

  • The slender box is sturdy and pleasant to the eye. Furthermore, the blue finish is complemented by key selling points and images. Additionally, it is fully recyclable, and that’s a plus point.
  • The JLab Go Wireless Keyboard is protected by blue tissue paper. This was unusual but pleasant, as it enhanced the professional finish. The slender and compact design is nice to look at and the USB dongle is hidden in the battery compartment. 
  • 2xAAA batteries are needed as it has no in-built battery. Consequently, you’ll need to keep spare batteries at hand. 
  • The user guide breaks down the fundamentals. 

Technical aspects. 

Portable keyboards can be phenomenal and awful! The smaller size can impact the size of the keys, the keystroke travel distance, and comfort. Thankfully, though, the JLab Go Wireless Keyboard was pleasant to use. The tactile keys are responsive and sizeable, and the layout is similar to the Apex 9 Mini. As such, using the keyboard for extended periods was a comfortable experience. Additionally, there is no way to adjust the height. Now, this may concern you, but the lie-flat position feels natural and was easy to use.

A major concern when using a wireless option is connectivity. Fortunately, the JLab Go Wireless Keyboard uses both 5.0 Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle. Whichever you use, you are guaranteed a seamless experience. By flicking a switch, the keyboard will move between 3 different modes. Accordingly, you can connect up to 3 devices with ease. On top of this, you suffer with no latency issues, and I never experienced a drop in my connection.

Build quality.

Portable devices have to be robust and hard-wearing. Luckily, the JLab Go Wireless Keyboard is built to last. Moreover, it looks stylish as well. With a combination of matte and glossy black accents, it is refined but pleasant to the eye. Additionally, the multi-function keys are well-labelled and the control button is easy to locate.

Alongside this, there is a media knob to control any connected media device. Though this wasn’t entirely necessary, it was nice to have. JLab has done well to hide the USB dongle within the keyboard’s battery compartment. This ensures that the dongle won’t get lost while maintaining the device’s clean image.

Is the JLab Go Wireless Keyboard worth it?

Though I shouldn’t judge goods by their price point, I was worried that this would be woeful. Moreover, I feared the low price would equal low quality. Fortunately, I was completely wrong. Instead, the JLab Go Wireless Keyboard surprised me! Every aspect of the design was great and using it for extended periods was pleasant. What’s more, it looks great, and it is small enough to fit into your bag.

If you then consider its versatility, you’ll be impressed further still. Thanks to the Bluetooth and wireless connection, you can use this device on your PC or laptop, tablet and mobile phone. As such, it is the perfect option if you want to travel light. My only complaint, however, is the AAA battery situation. This isn’t great for the environment and you could run out of juice if you don’t carry spares. Yet, this is a minor complaint. Accordingly, this is an excellent investment and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on JLab can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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