GamingThe PlayStation Showcase was… okay?

The PlayStation Showcase was… okay?


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Today, for the first time in nearly two years, PlayStation gifted us with a brand new games showcase. The last time they had a showcase, major games such as Final Fantasy 16 and Hogwarts Legacy were announced. Naturally, fans expectations were high as many expected Sony to reveal their next slate of big games coming for the next few years.

After such a long wait, this show needed to be huge, but sadly it was anything but. Most of the content shown today can be played on your Xbox. The Xbox twitter account even took a jab at this shortly after the briefing.

PlayStation Showcase Announcements.

The PlayStation Showcase wasn’t horrible by any means, in-fact, I think there was some really cool stuff shown.

The Metal Gear Solid 3 remake is exciting, we sadly only got a short CGI tease though. Bungie is bringing back Marathon, which for those who don’t know was the game they worked on before Halo. It seems this new iteration is an extraction shooter, similar to Escape from Tarkov, and surprisingly it’s going to be available on Xbox as well! Spider-Man 2 looks stellar, and so does Alan Wake 2.

It wasn’t all bad, but this was not the PlayStation showcase Sony fans were anticipating. No updates from the majority of their bigger studios, no update on Naughty Dog’s multiplayer for last of us 2 “Factions” which has been in development for quite some time now.

Setting Expectations.

In summary, Sony should have done a better job at setting fan’s expectations. This should have been labeled as a state of play. They also should have came out ahead of time and stressed that this would mainly include updates from third party developers.

After all, expectations are everything with shows like this, and this showcase has left quite a bitter taste.

The Spotlight now turns to Xbox, who are having their games showcase on June 11th followed by the Starfield direct. What are you hoping to see Xbox announce? What did you think of the Sony showcase?

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