NewsNews: Moga XP-Ultra Controller

News: Moga XP-Ultra Controller


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No matter how many controllers hit the market, I still get excited. Furthermore, the more technology advances, the better each device becomes. Accordingly, when PowerA announced the Moga XP-Ultra Controller, I instantly paid attention.

This sexy controller is the first officially licenced wireless pad for use with the Xbox Series S/X. Moreover, it can seamlessly be connected to any Windows 10/11 PC, Android mobile phone, or compatible TV device. Furthermore, the 4-in-1 modular design includes a compact mini-pad with crisp buttons, a concave D-pad, impulse triggers, and more. As such, this market-leading device is versatile as well as being jam-packed with features.

What other features does the Moga XP-Ultra Controller have?

Alongside the excellent design features, you’ll enjoy a full-sized ergonomic grip. This adds built-in rumble motors, two advanced mappable rear buttons, and a mobile gaming clip. The rumble motors create an immersive experience for any game you play. Whether it is the roar of your tyres, the explosion of a bomb, or the crack of a bullet, the rumble feature will bring the game to life. On top of this, the mappable buttons enable you to play like an elite gamer. These tactile inputs can be changed on the fly and will give you an edge over any of your competitors.

Like many of the PowerA and Moga products, this new pad is built to last. However, if there are any issues, you can relax as each controller has a 2-year warranty as standard. Another element that is reassuring is the exceptional 2000 Mah battery. We’ve all been there when we’re playing online and our batteries have died. Well, worry not, as that is a thing of the past! The Moga XP-Ultra Controller offers up to 60 hours of gameplay via Xbox Wireless Protocol or 40 hours on Bluetooth.

Cloud Gaming and the Moga XP-Ultra Controller go hand-in-hand. 

There are some exceptional Cloud Gaming controllers on the market. PowerA has an exceptional range, as do Turtle BeachGameSir, and Nacon. Yet, the Moga XP-Ultra Controller aims to become the leading light of this market. The sturdy gaming clip securely houses your phone while delivering a balanced experience. This excellent design ensures that you’ll make the most of your Game Pass subscription whilst you commute.

If the idea of this interesting controller takes your fancy, there are several online retailers selling it. Available for $129.99, you can order yours from PowerA, Amazon, and other retailers.

(More information on PowerA can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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